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We are glad you're reading this! We are amazed at the powerful words that are in the Bible. All too often, we have taken this wonderful and awe-inspiring book for granted. We let it lie on our shelves and grow dusty. We let the pages stick together and never get used; yet the Bible is the most powerful weapon in the world today.

Did you know that there was a time in England that if a person were caught with a Bible they were executed on sight? Why? The bishops and those in power feared what would happen once people learned the truth and gained the knowledge of the Bible. They understood the power within the pages and it scared them for "common people" to have access to such important information. The Bible teaches that Christ doesn't want the power of God only in the hands of a few, but that the glory of God is meant for all. God doesn't want great palaces and churches built for His glory while parishioners starve. God loves everyone and was and is no respector of persons. Once this truth was revealed, the powerful became powerless, and they fought in desperation to keep the power as long as they could, even if it meant murdering people.

We have the freedom today because of those who fought yesterday, but everyday we must continue to fight. Sometimes it may not be as drastic as for our political freedom, but there are freedoms that the enemy wants to steal from us every time we blink. Think about it and gear up, warrior! It's time for battle!

Now arm yourself with knowledge and read on!

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At True Life Covenant, we strive to serve God, hungry for the True Life only He can provide. We are committed to teaching people to live the victorious life God intended through better understanding His Word, the Bible, and how to apply it to our everyday lives. We know that no matter who we are or what we've done (good or bad), our God is a God who loves us right where we're at!

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